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The duties and services of each division of the St. Louis County Auditor-Treasurer are as follows:

Tax Division - Property and other taxes, Deed & mortgage taxes

Clerk of the Board/Elections - Official Board records, Administers Elections, Liquor licenses, Tobacco licenses

Accounting - Performs county-wide financial accounting administration

Service Center - Vehicle/DNR registrations and titles, Driver's license renewals, Passport applications and photographs, Naturalization photographs, Property tax payments, Plat book sales

Virginia Auditor's office - Assists Tax Division with Land Records, Property tax payments, Assists with deed and mortgage taxes   




County Auditor
Phone: 218-726-2380
Fax: 218-725-5060

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Donald Dicklich was sworn in as the St. Louis County Auditor/Treasurer on April 12, 2004.  He was elected to a four-year term beginning January 2007, was re-elected January 2011 and was re-elected again January 2015. 

Nancy Nilsen

Nancy Nilsen
Chief Deputy Auditor